Bible Study Groups

Click here for notes from our Summer 2017 Systematic Theology Class.


Sunday Mornings 9:45 A.M.
College Ministry Kevin Marek Second floor of Education Building 
20Somethings Career Jeff Morris Second floor of Education Building
Women Rachel Sullenger Library
Women of Grace Joy Richards/Christine Anderson Choir Room
Adults: CrossSeekers Jay Harley Second floor of Education Building
Adults Michael Laws Fellowship Hall
Adults Eric Hedin/Susan Bickston Fellowship Hall
Adults Ruben De La Torre Fellowship Hall
Adults Greg and Meg Trihus Teller Room in the Worship Center
Adults Phil McGlothlin Sanctuary
Senior Adults Charles Fry Library 
Sunday Evenings 5:30 PM
College/Singles Kevin Marek/Zach VanVeldheizen Second floor of Education Building
Women Meg Trihus Fellowship Hall
Young Marrieds Daniel Sweet Fellowship Hall
Couples Class William Sullenger Library
Adults Phil McGlothlin Sanctuary
Wednesday Evenings 6:45 PM
Adults Phil McGlothlin Library
Women Cyndi King Conference room
20Somethings/College Rachel Sullenger Fellowship Hall