Our Story

Matthew Road Baptist Church started out as Florence Hill Baptist Church. Florence Hill was organized in 1943 and was located on Beltline Road just south of Interstate 20. In the mid-1970’s, Florence Hill was changed forever with the beginning of the Trailwood Addition. In 1979, membership slowly declined and help was sought from the Dallas Baptist Association.

Simultaneously, Dr. Berl Cavin, Director of Missions for the Dallas Baptist Association, recognized the growth trends of Grand Prairie and identified a potential location for a church in the midst of that new growth. A seven and a half acre parcel was identified on Matthew Road just north of Polo Road as an ideal location. The Association put money down to reserve the land for a Baptist congregation.

 Florence Hill Baptist Church, the Dallas Baptist Association and Fairview Baptist Church came together as only God can manage things. In February 1980, the members of Florence Hill Baptist Church became the Matthew Road Baptist Mission. The pastor of Florence Hill, John Allen, remained as interim pastor until August of 1980. The church then called Jim Haskell as its first pastor.

In July of 1981, ground was broken and the building was finished in December 1981.  Growth was almost instantaneous; Matthew Road Baptist Mission led the Dallas Baptist Association in percentage increase in Sunday school attendance and membership for the years 1982-83 and 1983-84.  On July 3, 1983, Matthew Road Baptist Mission ceased to exist and Matthew Road Baptist Church was constituted.  In 1988, eight Sunday school classes were meeting in homes. In 1989 the two-story education building was completed.

The twenty-first century has been a time of exponential growth for Matthew Road Baptist Church.  This dynamic growth has led to an 8:30 AM service in 2002.  In the Winter of 2006, we added a third service at 9:45 AM to provide additional space for the few months until the opening of the new worship center.  In the fall of 2001, the Preschool Academy of Westchester was established for our growing community, offering quality Christian 2 day a week preschool education.   We opened our new Worship Center in September of 2006, and have continued to be blessed by growth in attendance and additional ministry opportunities.

Our pastoral history:  

Jim Haskell 
August 1980-February 1984
Called to Bowling Green, Ky

Ebbie Smith
Ron Proctor
November 1984-February 1987
Called to Home Mission Board
Ebbie Smith
Roger Ferguson
September, 1987-August, 1996
Called to Owasso, OK

Tom Ruane
Malcolm Stuart
March, 1998 - August, 2000
Jerry Poteet
Daniel Sweet
March 2001 - Present


God’s history for Matthew Road has just begun; the best is yet to come.